Meetup Space

We’re happy to report that the first virtual meetup of MRN readers recently took place. Isaac, who organized it, sent us an email afterwards to say “We would love to have some more people join us in future conversations, we are flexible as to timing and format.”

That email inspired us to create this page, whose purpose is twofold:

1) It’s a place where you can express interest in joining a future virtual meetup and even schedule one—or maybe just ask Isaac a question or two as you ponder that prospect.

2) It’s also a place where you can leave a comment about matters related—if only tangentially—to the newsletter, or reply to someone who’s already done that. Or reply to someone who has replied to you. And so on…

One way or another, via print or video, we hope you’ll wind up sharing some thoughts with your fellow MRN readers. They’re a good group!